Screen Meshes That You Must Know

Screen Meshes That You Must Know

Screen Meshes That You Must Know
Welded mesh mosquito mesh are the things you can install to protect you and others from the mosquito. These things can be installed at your home, offices and hospital and another place. We know that welded mesh is a mesh of wire which is made up of different kind of metals like Nickel, steel, aluminum and etc. The crimped mesh is used for where you want a screening with open space and portable facility. The crimped mesh is also made up by wire of different size and orientation. The crimped mesh is used in the industry. Welded mesh is made up of wires and metals. These are using in a huge area of house decoration, hospitals, industries and etc. Banaraswala Metal Crafts is one of India's leading crimped wire mesh manufacturers and suppliers, Exporters from Tamil Nadu, India.

Why to use Mosquito Mesh for Window?

When metal wires are welded in the shape of the mesh and the size and orientation of the holes in the mesh are too much small, then these meshes are called mosquito mesh. This mesh can be used in window and doors of your house and offices. Mosquito is unable to pass the screening of this kind of wire mesh. So with this mesh, you are fully protected from mosquitos.


 These meshes are installed in a window and doors. So that mosquito couldn't find a way to get in your home.

  These mashes are fireproof and other insects are not able to pass from it.

 You can install these mesh hospitals and schools also so that mosquito and another insect can't enter at these places.

What is Crimped mesh?

 The crimped mesh is made up of strong and heavy words of during kind of metal. These wires are also meshed up with light wires. The combination of thick and thin wire gives more stability and rigidity to the structure of Crimped mesh. These meshes are used mostly in industries.


● With this mesh you are able to perform screening of the things with more strong and rigid mesh.

  • This mesh allows the air to pass away, so if you want open space screening them this kind of mesh are so much useful. 
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