What Meshes We Can Use For Fencing

What Meshes We Can Use For Fencing

What Meshes We Can Use For Fencing
Crimped wire mesh and expanded metal mesh are the things which are mostly used in the task of fencing and screening. These things are mostly used in industries. But you can use these things to protect and screen your important things from the external damage. These things are too much strong and rigid, and give superb protection to your desired thing. These meshes can be made up of a different kind of metals like copper, aluminum, steels and others. These mashes are corrosion free and you don't have to spend any cost for the maintenance of these meshes. Banaraswala Metal Crafts is leading expanded metal mesh manufacturers and suppliers from Tamil Naidu, India.

Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped wire mesh is made with the wires of different kind of metals. These meshes are mostly made with stainless steel. Because steel is too much strong and corrosion free. To make this mesh wires of different size and weight are welded and never wires are used in this mesh. But to make the mesh more stable and rigid small wires are inserted between heavy wires.


     Crimped wire mesh is mostly use in industries to protect big machinery.

     These meshes are used in the screening of big objects.

     These also can be used to give rigidity and stability to an object.

     These are fire and corrosion resistance.

Expanded metal sheet

These sheets are made up by cutting and stretching a metal sheet. Usually, these sheets are given a diamond shape. These sheets are like a metal mesh material but these are stronger than a wire mesh of same mass. The material of this king of sheets is flatted and cut out in a regular shape. Mostly expanded metal sheets are made up of stainless steel because it is corrosion free material. But in some specific cases, these sheets can be made up of different metals like copper, aluminum, gold and etc.


     These sheets are used in supporting a heavy thing.

     These sheets can be used in flyover footways because these sheets are not sleepy.

     These sheets can be used in making fences, walkways and screening with a strong sheet.

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