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Wondering which material to choose for all your basic needs? Perforated stainless steel sheet suit them all. We are Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet Manufacturers in Mumbai, use several grades of steel as per the standards of the industry or the demands of the customer providing you with the supreme quality and most trusted products in Mumbai.


The perforated stainless steel sheet metal is used across several industries apart from residential uses including lighting, electricity, audio, electromagnetic industry, decorative purposes, aerospace and all the others one can think of. The quality and the type varies according to the budget and purpose of use.

Specifications and order quantity

We take all types of orders without any limitation on the amount, or minimum amount requirement. You can trust us for timely delivery of your orders. Additionally, we offer various ss perforated sheet specifications based on hole-size, flexibility, grade and material along with the budget specifications.

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Minimum Order Quantity 10 Square Feet
Thickness 1mm

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